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Inquiry about the Location


In the office of Heart Stream Entertainment Ltd.

Please call us to support your filming on the location in Middle Hyogo, arranging your accommodation, filming permission, access coming in the location and technical support
for your filming machinery.


Hotel Relaxia in Mineyama

Hotel Relaxia in Mineyama

881-146 Kamioda Kawakami-cho
Kanzaki-gun Hyogo 679-3125


Hotel Monterosa

Hotel Monterosa

987 Hase Kamikawa-cho Kanzaki-
gun Hyogo 679-3103



Monte Kamameshi

Hotel Monterosa

987 Hase Kamikawa-cho Kanzaki-gun
Hyogo 679-3103


◀Thd special lunch bowl “Monte boiled pot rice” is on sale limitedly from September to November at the “Tonomine Nature Interchange Building”. (reference price: 900 yen) Takes custom orders for the people filming on the location.

Kamikawa Lunch

Kanzaki Foods

430 Awagamachi Kawakami-cho
Kanzaki-gun Hyogo 679-2414


◀"Kamikawa Lunch" which includes the rice ball made from the local Koshihikari, and 20 other side dishes in the bamboo lunch box won "the Bento Aword 2015", is one of the most popular lunch. Takes orders for the people filming on the location.

Technical Support

Technical Support
offering staffs for filming and acting

Toyo Media Service Ltd.

3F Toa building 4-5-7 Minamihonmachi
Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka 541-0054


In the case of your needs for filming machinery, extra actors or technical specialist, we assist rentals and staffing.
We also help your work editing your films.
Please contact us for supporting you.

Ninja-Actor Arrangement

Heart Stream Entertainment

471-3 Kashio Kamikawa-cho
Kanzaki-gun Hyogo 679-2424


We arrange extra actors including their historical outfits and makeups so that you can shoot films in which some ninjyas and samurais appears without worries about the accuracy of the historical backgrounds.
Please contact us for supporting you.