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 ★Please read Extra-Actor Policy to register yourself as an Extra-Actor.

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Extra-Actor Policy

What’s an Extra-Actor?

It is a person who acts in movies, TV dramas or CMs as a roll who is not main character. If you are interested, your age, sex, experience would not be matter for the qualification. However, you have to be healthy enough to be able to tolerate long waiting time between you acting in the movies. There is one must condition for the registration, you have to have a cell-phone, e-mail address (cell-phone e-mail address would be ok) for the urgent case.

The Essential for the Registration

Please proceed the registration only if you understand and agree to the policies blow of this page.

Precautions about the registration

The personal information entered on this website will be strictly managed by HYOGO Medio Film Commission, only for the purpose having you act in movies as an Extra-Actor by the productions that we support, will not be provided to any third-party for any other purposes.
This registration dose not promise you any positions as an Extra-Actor.
A person younger than 18 years needs the agreement of his/her parent or a guardian. (We would like to have the parent or the guardian sign “the registration form" and send back to us.) A person younger than 15 years could not register.

Contacts after the registration

When our Film Commission receives the request of needs of Extra-Actors from a producer (production company of a movies, TV dramas, and CMs), we contact persons by E-mail, who have registered.
We cannot answer questions about the positions requested from the producer, unless they allowed to answer. We cannot answer questions about the possibilities if any Extra-Actors positions coming up or not either. Even though we request you to participate as an Extra-Actor for actual position, we cannot answer questions about the roll other than the information that you would participate, which is your part of the location and the schedule.
※When changes made to the information that you registered, please inform us as soon as possible.

Agreement policy of the registration

This registration is only for the volunteer participation.
There would be no payment for your transportation expenses and reward for your roll acted.
About accidents that happened to you as an Extra-Actor during the time filming or waiting, HYOGO Medio Film Commission will not take responsibility.

We offer you an Extra-Actor position only if you agree to this condition.

  Personal Information Agreements

About the privacy policy of HYOGO Medio Film Commission, please see the following "privacy policy". The personal information such as e-mail addresses that you registered from this website will be used only for requesting you to participate positions for filming in Hyogo area, and for providing you the information about the position such as the location schedule.

  Other Agreements

When you are participating as an Extra-Actor and acting with other actors, you are strictly not allowed to ask their signatures or taking pictures/movies with them.
You are also not allowed to talk/send SNS/email about your roll or the movies you are in and any other informations about the position you are participating in.
Please participate the position having extra time for the case shooting would be prolonged, and only when you do not have any other schedule whole day on the day requested for filming.
Please understand beforehand that we do not take any claims about the final cut of the movies that you participate, would not include your appearance.

 Privacy Policy

HYOGO Medio Film Commission (calls "Medifil" in followings) will manage personal information strictly based on "The Privacy Protection Ordinance of Hyogo-Prececture".

Definition of Personal Information

Medifil defines the information which can distinguish individuals' addresses, full names, sex, phone numbers, and E-mail addresses entered on this website as the personal information.

How to collect Personal Information

Medifil collects personal information through this site, only based on the individuals agreements on giving Medifil his/her information.
Medifil clarifies the purpose of using the personal information collected through this site, always and when any changes made, on this site.
Medifil collects personal information through this site only for accomplishing the purpose that Medifil clarifies.

Restrictions for the Personal Information

Medifil uses the personal information collected through this site within the purpose that Medifil clarifies beforehand. There would not be chances that we provides it to third parties, other than the case that "The Privacy Protection Ordinance of Hyogo-Prececture" determines.

Management of the Personal Information

About the personal information that Medifil collected through this site, the site webmaster manages it severely and takes appropriate measures against the prevention such as a leak, unjust diversion and the manipulation. Medifil removes the personal information immediately and securely when the information became unnecessary for the purpose that Medifil clarifies.